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"Cesar has been teaching at my studio as our lead jazz teacher since we opened in 2015. He is not only the most knowledgeable instructor but a mentor to every single one of our students. He walks into every class as if he’s teaching a master class and can pull things out of dancers that I’ve never seen before. He is truly the best in the industry and I can say with confidence that anyone who gets to train under him is extremely fortunate. He is one of a kind and his energy and talent are infectious."

Meredith Gallagher, Definition Dance Academy, Chicago 

Cesar Salinas is truly a one-of-a-kind master teacher. Cesar has taught many different generations of dancers from ages 5 and up. Dance Works Studio strives to give our students the best education, and Cesar’s energy, knowledge, wisdom, and expertise has far surpassed our expectations.  He provides students with not only amazing technique and training but also offers insight into the history of dance, which is so important to dancer educators. Students refer back to Cesar's classes often because he leaves such an impression on each and every one of them. He is passionate about the art of dance, his style of teaching, and everything he creates.  

Tricia Zigarelli & Juliana Muirhead, Dance Works Studio, Utica, New York

 I valued how you incorporated dance history into your made my dancing feel more genuine knowing the background of the style.

Student from The Latin School of Chicago 

  • Giordano Technique 

  • Ballet 

  • Ballroom (Cha-Cha, Foxtrot,
    Salsa, Swing, Tango, & more!)

  • Choreography 

  • Contemporary 

  • Improvisation

  • Latin Jazz 

  • Latin Pulse

  • Modern 

  • Musical Theater Dance 

  • Private Lessons

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Cesar G. Salinas - Cesar-GusGiordano-59.
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ngcp® certified professional teacher

Featured in Dance Teacher Magazine

Article By: Rachel Zar
Photography By: Quinn Callahan

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