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Dancer • Educator • Choreographer

"Cesar embodies the Giordano spirit & soul in every way. As a teacher, performer & the way he lives, he radiates energy, light, positivity & beauty!"

- Nan Giordano, Artistic Director, Giordano Dance Chicago 


When I was young, I loved the plays my grandmother would stage at Christmas, dancing around the kitchen with my mother while she cooked dinner, and attending reunions and weddings where music and dance lifted the soul of every family member. I never imagined then the impact that dance would play in my life. 

My first trip to Chicago in 2004 was transformative.  As I learned about the Giordano Technique with Giordano Dance Chicago, my heart and soul were opened, truly and magically. How could I have known then that my time of study was the beginning of something beautiful, powerful, and lasting? Teaching, performing, choreographing, and creating life-long friendships have been the hallmark of my 18 years in Chicago. Dreams do come true! I always refer to the inspirational words of Paulo Coelho, “Remember wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure”. 


Getting the opportunity to travel to nearly 40 countries and numerous States has been another life long accomplishment. Through the joy of dance I have had the opportunity to empower the lives of many. I will be forever grateful for every partnership. 

Whether I am in the studio working with young aspiring dancers, professionals or bringing people together, I remain connected to my true calling – the beautiful art form that is dance. 

Let’s connect and I look forward to sharing the gift of dance with you soon. 

With light, 

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" exemplary performer and magnificently demonstrated the power of one. Expressing through dance the release of the body from the cares of the world and the ascent into the divine, every movement was studied grace tied to spellbinding execution."

- Mitchell Oldham, City Pleasures


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